Surveys in differential geometry. Inspired by string theory

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Complete affine hypersurfaces completeness of affine metrics MR 87k Local mirror symmetry: Calculations and interpretations - Chiang, T. Holomorphic discs, spin structures, and Floer cohomology of the Clifford torus MR a Cho, H. Hong, and S. Methods Appl. Floer cohomology and disc instantons of Lagrangian torus fibers in Fano toric manifolds - Cho, Cheol-Hyun et al. Asian J. Cooper, M. Culler, H. Gillet, D. Long, and P. Plane curves associated to character varieties of 3-manifolds MR 95g Large N duality, lagrangian cycles, and algebraic knots - Diaconescu, D.

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Some world-sheet properties of superstring compactifications, on orbifolds and otherwise, Superstrings, unified theories and cosmology Trieste, , ICTP Ser. MR 91m On global action-angle coordinates MR 82d Fang, C. Liu, D. Treumann, and E. The coherent-constructible correspondence and homological mirror symmetry for toric varieties, Geometry and analysis. T-duality and homological mirror symmetry for toric varieties MR Filippini and J.

TBA type equations and tropical curves, preprint. Extending the Picard-Fuchs system of local mirror symmetry - Forbes, Brian et al. Prepotentials for local mirror symmetry via Calabi-Yau fourfolds - Forbes, Brian et al. On the ample cone of a rational surface with an anticanonical cycle, preprint. Multivalued Morse theory, asymptotic analysis and mirror symmetry, Graphs and patterns in mathematics and theoretical physics, Proc.

MR a Kyoto J. Cyclic symmetry and adic convergence in Lagrangian Floer theory 50 , no. MR m Counting pseudo-holomorphic discs in Calabi-Yau 3-folds, Tohoku 2 63 , no. Fukaya, Y. Oh, H. Ohta, and K. Lagrangian Floer theory and mirror symmetry on compact toric manifolds, preprint. Lagrangian intersection Floer theory: anomaly and obstruction.

Lagrangian Floer theory on compact toric manifolds.

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I MR d Duke Math. Selecta Math. Four-dimensional wall-crossing via three-dimensional field theory - Gaiotto, Davide et al. Homological geometry and mirror symmetry, Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians, Vol. MR 97j Equivariant Gromov-Witten invariants MR 97e A mirror theorem for toric complete intersections, Topological field theory, primitive forms and related topics Kyoto, , Progr. Calibrated fibrations on noncompact manifolds via group actions MR j Graber and E.

MR b Mirror symmetry and the Strominger-Yau-Zaslow conjecture, preprint. MR e Differential geometry inspired by string theory - Special Lagrangian fibrations. II survey of techniques in the study of special Lagrangian fibrations, Surveys in differential geometry: Surv.

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Press, Boston, MA,, pp. MR j Examples of special Lagrangian fibrations, Symplectic geometry and mirror symmetry Seoul, , World Sci. Topological mirror symmetry MR c Mirror symmetry for P2 and tropical geometry MR j Moduli of surfaces with an anti-canonical cycle, preprint.

Gross, L. Katzarkov, and H. Towards mirror symmetry for varieties of general type, preprint. Theta functions and mirror symmetry - Gross, Mark et al. Turkish J. Mirror symmetry - Affine manifolds, log structures, and 27 , no. Algebraic Geom. Mirror symmetry via logarithmic degeneration data, II 19 , no. From real affine geometry to complex geometry, Ann. Annals Math. An invitation to toric degenerations, Surveys in differential geometry. Volume XVI. Geometry of special holonomy and related topics, Surv.

Logarithmic Gromov-Witten invariants MR Gross, V. Tosatti, and Y. Gromov-Hausdorff collapsing of Calabi-Yau manifolds, preprint. Collapsing of abelian fibered Calabi—Yau manifolds - Gross, Mark et al. Gross and P. Large complex structure limits of K3 surfaces MR a Gukov, S. Yau, and E. Duality and fibrations on G2 manifolds, Turkish J.

Math 27 , no. Calibrated geometries - Harvey, R. Acta Math. The moduli space of special Lagrangian submanifolds, Ann. Scuola Norm. Pisa Cl. MR c D-branes and mirror symmetry - Hori, Kentaro et al. Mirror symmetry - Hori, Kentaro et al. Central charges, symplectic forms, and hypergeometric series in local mirror symmetry, Mirror symmetry. MR d Ionel and T. Relative Gromov-Witten invariants, Ann.

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The symplectic sum formula for Gromov-Witten invariants, Ann. Joyce, Y. Lee, and M. Self-similar solutions and translating solitons for Lagrangian mean curvature flow MR f Joyce and Y.

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A theory of generalized Donaldson-Thomas invariants, Mem. Homological Mirror Symmetry for manifolds of general type - Kapustin, Anton et al. Katz, A. Klemm, and C. Geometric engineering of quantum field theories MR 98h Birational geometry and homological mirror symmetry, Real and complex singularities, World Sci.

Klemm and E.

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Homological algebra of mirror symmetry, Proceedings of the International Congress of Mathematicians, Vol. MR 97f Bellaiche, J. Dat, I. Martin, G. Rachinet and H. Lectures at ENS Paris, spring, set of notes taken by. Stability structures, motivic Donaldson-Thomas invariants and cluster transformations - Kontsevich, Maxim et al.

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Homological mirror symmetry and torus fibrations, Symplectic geometry and mirror symmetry Seoul, , World Sci. Affine structures and non-Archimedean analytic spaces, The unity of mathematics, Progr. Lau, N. More information about this seller Contact this seller. Condition: Brand New. In Stock. Seller Inventory Ships with Tracking Number! Buy with confidence, excellent customer service!.

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