Buying a photovoltaic solar electric system.A consumer guide

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Read some of the most frequently asked questions from householders and businesses about buying solar and battery storage. Domestic power bills have risen substantially across Australia over the last decade, but there is some relief in sight.

Brief guide on buying solar panels

Find out more about what makes up your bill and what we can do to bring prices down. Find out about maintaining your system and what to do if something goes wrong.

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  • 1. Investigate Your Home's Energy Efficiency?

Some areas of Australia are prone to natural disasters like fires, floods and cyclones. Get the latest clean energy news and event invites straight to your inbox. Rectangle 11 Copy 4 Created with Sketch.

Are solar panels right for your home?

Asset 6 close Asset 5 Asset 20 arrow Created with Sketch. Group Created with Sketch. Shape Asset 10 instagram linkedin Asset 8 menu minus Created with Sketch. Asset 3 pin Asset 14 plus Created with Sketch. Top Results. If you buy a solar panel system, you may be eligible for tax credits or other financial incentives that offset the initial cost.

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If you buy solar panels, you pay the cost of the entire system. You might pay for your system with a home equity loan, or get financing through the installer, a bank, a credit union or a finance company.

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Your county or state does not lend the money for a PACE program. Contractors or home improvement companies that sell solar panels and other energy efficiency improvements offer PACE financing. If you get PACE financing, a property tax lien is put on your home. You repay the lien by paying an extra amount every time you pay your property tax bill. You must pay your property tax bill — with the extra amount included — each time it is due, to avoid default and foreclosure.

A property tax lien for PACE financing takes priority over your home mortgage. Some mortgage contracts may not allow you to add this type of lien. When you shop for a traditional loan or consider PACE financing , ask:. Because PACE financing is different from a traditional home loan, you may need to ask more questions of the company that is offering the financing, including:.

How to buy the best solar panels for your home - CHOICE

If you buy a system, you may be eligible for federal, state or local tax credits or other incentives. The credit will gradually decrease in and , and is scheduled to expire at the end of The Department of Energy has information about state-specific incentives for using renewable energy. You may receive other benefits from having a solar system. Depending on local net metering rules, your utility may pay you for power your system returns to the grid. Box Modesto, CA Contact the Energy Services Department at or for a faster response e-mail us at: pv mid.

Programs are applicable for existing MID residential, commercial and agricultural electric accounts. These programs are not applicable to new construction. PV systems must be installed by licensed California contractors who possess, or employ subcontractors who possess an A, B, C or C license. Contact Solar Questions Mon. Other important requirements apply.