Out-of-Body Travel and Near Death Experiences: Compiled Works Through 2006

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Marilynn Erika Hughes was born in Glendora, California. She grew up in Dayton, Ohio. He served as a Radio Operator in the Korean War. According to her autobiography "Evergreen: The Autobiography of a Mystic", she was married at a young age to Andrew Michael Hughes and had three children, two daughters and a son. She had a career in radio broadcasting until her first two books were published by Hampton Roads Publishing in and She started her career in broadcasting as a news anchor, reporter, and producer.

Marilynn Hughes did a feature length spiritual documentary The Road to Armageddon which was released in And also involved in the documentary and television series "The Afterlife Uncovered". This article "Marilynn Hughes" is from Wikipedia. Cookies help us deliver our services.

By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Wolf spirit ministries. The Astral Institute. Simon and Schuster. A sudden upward attraction seized me up, making me go through all the physical structures of the building, without the slightest difficulty, neither any jolt. I went through the ceiling of my room, through the roof, without pain I was very surprised Since I passed through the wall.

Anita Moorjani's Extraordinary Near Death Experience

Tweedee is usually as limited as we are : he can only see what is in front of him. The vision is only focused when we move, as if we were aiming at target. Otherwise, we see everywhere. Jourdan: " Did you have the impression you had a bigger angle of vision, that you were seeing in front and behind you simultaneously? I had a global perception of the room, like a sphere. My field of vision was larger than usual.

I did not need all of this. In addition, we can notice the perspective that "changes a little" while the vision remains complete. This is exactly what happens when we watch the layout from a close and moving point of view.

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It was then that I noticed I could move around in space voluntarily. This was interesting, new, and so I made a few trial movements. It seems to me that although my view of the room was always complete, panoramic, that the perspective changed a little according to my movements and my position in that space. Perception "From Everywhere Simultaneously" Our visual perception usually originates in a single vantage point.

Obviously, this restriction disappears during many NDEs: I visited various places I managed to identify afterwards. I remember a window in a village, a building with very white plaster, sand-carved windows. My curiosity was attracted to details. This is quite important, since we cannot do this normally, like seeing inside and outside at the same time, an impression of a quasi holographic vision Not a panoramic view, but seeing in front, behind, all details simultaneously which is completely different from ordinary sight.

It is very rich. He will obviously be surprised to simultaneously "see" both his hands, the back of his head as well as the tip of his nose. It is a "centripetal" global perception now. I saw everything and had different points of observation: above, sideways, from the front, underneath, it was really extraordinary to see and be all of it at the same time. When I saw the sofa, the furniture and the room in which I was, I was simultaneously above, sideways, from profile, facing forwards I noticed : "we see everything from all sides simultaneously! As the distance between him and the observed universe is increasing, he can also, just as we do, "see" simultaneously different places: And then I realized that I was both in that space and out of my body.

I saw myself lifeless on the bed, I felt my body very heavy, I my mind? On the one hand, I saw my friends who had gone to play cards, on the other I saw the basement window that attracted me. Remembering that our vantage point is usually confused with the place we find ourselves in allows us to understand the NDErs who claim having "been" everywhere, J. For example, if I want to go to the window, I have to move. But there you don't move, you're everywhere.

Unbelievable, but it's great! The funny thing is that we have a greatly enlarged vision of things. It was as if I was in many places at once. It was on the other side of a big valley about meters away. She often watched what was happening at our place with her binoculars. It is a very strange impression, everything I saw was very luminous, very clear and my senses were sharpened, a much sharper perception of things, I saw and heard everything, all the while being pretty much in a coma.

Perception by Transparency The cases of perception by transparency are recurrent in NDE accounts: I could see everything at once and if I focused on one thing, I could see this thing through any obstacle and in every detail, from its surface to how its atoms were organized, truly a global and detailed vision. I could see in front and behind oneself simultaneously, through objects, a holographic view. When I left my body, I could see through all objects.

A very wide vision, through the walls if I wanted to. This seemingly strange perceptual feature becomes easily understandable within our extra-dimensional model. Indeed, could Tweedee hide anything from our eyes? Let us return to his house, in which there are at least two things he cannot usually see: a masterpiece painting in a vault placed inside the wall separating the hall and kitchen, and the identity card he has been looking for several days lying behind the couch.

Just like X. S who had the impression of seeing through the couch, so Tweedee will also have the impression of seeing the front and back of the sofa, his ID card, the two sides of the wall and the painting hidden within it, all at once. In our world as much as in his, when we can see both the front and the back of an object as well as that which stands behind it, it simply means that this object is transparent: I also saw everything that was happening around me. It was in a tent and thus very dark. I went out of the tent very quickly, but the funny thing was that everything was transparent to me.

It was very fast because I was rising rapidly, and I saw through the tent. I was in a global vision, I could see as if I were using my eyes, with clarity, I saw everything at once, I could see everything at once, the impression of seeing backwards and transparently. Sometimes as if I was inside my own eyes. I saw myself exit, since I saw my body on the operating table.

I was above and could see everything, everywhere, even through the surgeon. We see everything. Yes, through objects. Also, I think my normal sight should have been cut off and limited due to the wall stopping at my bed. This wall should have limited my visual capacity - and I feel troubled remembering that I felt like a soap bubble with eyes strolling about above at ceiling level, in a space which seemed a little "closer" than real space. Behind a wall was a woman dying in the resuscitation room. I could see up close and also transparently.

If we look closely at Tweedee and his step-mother, we will see a spiral pattern representing their internal organs, which, for them, are usually as hidden as ours. After a while I see my "hand made out of crystal" and I tell myself ,"There I can see all the small blood-vessels, but how can it be, there I see all the small blood-vessels in my hand? It amused me, nothing more. When I was at ceiling level I could see through myself. During the excision of a vesicle in September and during the anesthesia I found myself I was surrounded by medical personnel, at least 6 people who seemed to be working on my body.

I had the time to see, to see I had a very sharp vision and saw through a section of the table. I saw through the operating cloth which is around the operation One of them had untied shoe laces. Well, I went through the fabric and so I came to the conclusion that they were actually resuscitating me.

I therefore had the time to realize that it was my body and off I went into the tunnel. Dynamic Perspective Effects Until now, we have detailed only "static" effects. But it seems that in some cases the point of perception is likely to move, that translates as some new "dynamic perspective" effects. Let us remember that Tweedee has only notions of moving along length and width, but not at all in height. How can he interpret his perceptions when the distance between his point of perception and his body gradually increases in a third dimension?

Going up "perpendicularly", he moves away from his body and everything in its vicinity, while remaining above it. I was everywhere at once, with a panoramic view. M Here is another way to describe the same perception: After what I call the familiarization with the "walking around" state, I "went away" while I'm sure I stayed at the same place, I would say that my "sight" got "wider".

As Tweedee can see and then "be" everywhere while being nowhere in his own universe, he can also describe this perceptual conflict as being "everywhere and nowhere at once": I spoke again to the people involved and they were very surprised that I knew exactly what they told me during these times. Like the nurse to which I gave the names of those who came to see me, who thought that someone had told me It's as if all my senses were magnified. I could "feel" the people, "guess" them something that still often happens to me. My vision seemed wider, I could have heard, understood and followed several conversations without difficulty if I wanted It was very strange because I seemed to be "everywhere and nowhere at once " and with such clarity If he goes up even higher, he will see his body getting smaller and smaller.

In his own universe, a thing will look smaller only if he moves away from it, but at a certain point the walls will prevent him to move back farther. Here is another perceptual conflict : considering the long distance from which he perceives now, he obviously ought to have crossed a wall, which then "seems to move back with him" : Very slow moving, diagonally to the ceiling, upwards from the table that was there, as if I was there.

But the ceiling seemed extremely high, it seemed that as far as I went upwards to this spot, the ceiling went up the same time as me. Another way of describing the conflict is to "see through the concrete, and at the same time it is not the same thing" : First, I watched all this bustle. Then I realized there was a body. I did not say, but when I say "up" is not a sight from two to three meters.

I was much higher, much higher. I had a perception, an overview. I was not at three meters up. It was a holistic, panoramic view into the room. But from very high as if I could have seen through the concrete and at the same time it is not the same thing. I would rather say that I was in another dimension of space where I had another vision capability as if I were both very close and very far because I could see very fine details, every detail. I saw this body and at first I did not realize it was my body. Peculiarities of Time Perception Until now, we have considered the perception of a 2D universe from a third dimension that allowed us to understand the particularities reported by the NDErs.

These latter seem extremely similar to those which would appear when a 3D space is perceived from an external vantage point, thus situated in an additional spatial dimension. This notion of a fourth dimension is far from new. As a purely spatial extension, it has been evoked in the 19th Bork and early 20th century as mathematical and geometric speculations Bragdon , Manning , Durrel , Rucker , , within metaphysics Willink , Zollner , Gardner , philosophy Kant as well remember some paintings from Picasso showing a model seen from several different places simultaneously!

As it concerns for the moment only the perception of space, the modelling I have set out until now can be considered as a purely geometrical analogy in an Euclidian affine extended space. A similar hypothesis has been proposed independently in by another NDE researcher Brumblay But is it sufficient? Thus there already exists a fourth time-like dimension and if we want to be rigorous we have now to talk at least of a fifth dimension.

For a start, during a NDE the notions of time or of duration may disappear: Feeling that time no longer existed. In fact, there was no time, it was like a moment of eternity. E Time did not exist. Now it's a real knowledge for me, time does not exist! On the other side, time does not exist. One truly realizes it. Time is a completely mental concept. A thousand years may be instantaneous. There I had the distinct impression of finding myself in a familiar place, a place I had known.

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As if I was gone for some time and then back home Some time But what does it mean: "some time"? The concept of duration to which it usually refers was absent from this story. All I can say, even if I am unable to explain it, is that I existed in what might be called a kind of absolute timelessness. For this entire trip out of my body also unfolded outside of time. No body: no time!

So I wonder whether our perception of temporal flow could not be an enormous performance, a joke. Notion of time? No, I think we totally lose track of time. Maybe faster. But in reality I do not know, because it happens like flashes by, you see things, you hear, you see, it seems that everything happens at once. An eternal present In other cases, a less drastic disappearance of time may be translated by various expressions. Many speak about an "eternal present", an "omnitime", or of a "time that no longer unfolds": I could tell some facts that were going on at places where I was not supposed to be, since I was strapped to a bed in ICU.

They checked, they found it surprising that this was true, as this seems surprising to some that I talk to them about what happened. About their lives. They call it the past because they reason in terms of time, but there is no time outside the body. There is no past. There is no present, no future. There is an eternal present.

I had a horrible feeling of eternity. I had an experience where time no longer unfolded. Furthermore, no past, no future, just an eternal present. I had the feeling that all that was real, the feeling of "living" in eternity. Their experience led C. It's just another time, in fact we are no longer in time, it's omnitime, that is to say, the eternal present One is truly in the eternal present.

There is no more time. But having said that, after my return, I had a very very big problem with time, I was very obsessed by time, space-time, that is what made me study Einstein, the fourth dimension, etc. Because at the same time I was very anxious at the idea of having no time, no time enough to do what I had to do, it's funny; I had a very very big problem with time having been out of time gave me a problem with the chronological time that we live on earth.

At least I know I was in that omnitime and omnispace. No notion of time and no limit. To my knowledge there is no possibility of comparing the earthly time and that of this dimension. The whole makes up this space-time, a form of totality, comprehensiveness. There is an apparent contradiction in living "out of time": to experience something, one must one way or another last.

In fact, some expressions used by NDErs suggest that, during their experience, there remains at least a present allowing them to continue to exist, but it is also clear that this present of their own is no longer subject to the time arrow. Like an astronaut who is no longer submitted to gravity but who can watch the Earth with a telescope and see the fall of an apple, in their experience they "observe" a time which is no longer their own.

A second form of time We could consider a purely psycho-physiological explanation, as this "other form of time" might be a reconstruction by our brain, which is used to run sequentially, in particular with regard to memory, not to mention that the narrative of the experience can only be done sequentially too. But NDErs are adamant that, just like any of the other perceptual particularities we have reviewed so far, this second time was experienced during their NDE and is registered in their memory as well as the rest, as shown by some pertinent remarks: It is a profound conviction that I do not explain, displacements are infinitely fast but there is still a before and an after, a chronology and a souvenir of the action that just took place, so there is a form time but I cannot explain it.

All this took place "outside time" - or in a time that has no earthly reference. I had the impression of being outside of time, and yet there was some sort of time it was another time. As I said, in the absence of time there is still time. I know it sounds absurd, but I can not explain more. The notion of time has nothing to do with ordinary life, that's for sure. Physical, material time does not exist.

Time does not flow. To say that there is another " time system", I do not know. If there was a complete "timelessness," all emotions would be simultaneous. For me, anyway, I had various feelings. Knowledge is complete and simultaneous. Emotions not. We react emotionally to what we see. In my opinion, there must exist another form of time, anyway. Jourdan: " Did you have a notion of time?

Yes because events followed events. I feel they did not occur at the same time. No, because the concept of time is not the same. There is no yesterday, today and tomorrow. I would say that events are instantaneous but emotions come and go. And then maybe I say that the events follow one another because the emotions are, themselves, quite distinct from each other.

Maybe it has nothing to do with the concept of temporality within ordinary life. No, because my own chronology doesn't match that of the ordinary world. Events that I placed before actually occurred afterwards when I asked for confirmation. And vice versa. A Spatialized Time Now, let us follow our 5D hypothesis through, supposing that during an NDE our 4D universe could really be perceived as a whole from an extradimension. If this hypothesis more or less reflects some reality, we ought to find some accounts reporting several kinds of temporal perspective. Past, present, future, all confused If we walk on a lane, one part of the way is behind us, another is ahead.

But if we see this lane from above, no more walking on it, not only are we nowhere on it but also, as they were relative to us, the notions of behind and ahead logically disappear. In the same way, if we are "out of time" we are no more subject to its arrow. Thus the notions of past, present and future can disappear or merge together. In fact, almost every feature we are about to review seems to translate a spatialization of time: Past, present future are merged in a single concept, that's what I experienced X. Time no longer existed, past, present, future, all confused.

No sensation of duration, neither of waiting. No sense of past, present, future, as if all that was away from me. They report having been able to "see" or sometimes "live again" some moments or only significant scenes of their life, in chronological order or in reverse order. During this stage some additional anomalies and perspective effects concerning time will appear, strengthening the hypothesis that our universe could be perceived from an external vantage point.

Flying over time The non-locality of the observer in relation to the observed universe, which has helped us understanding the spatial 4D perspective effects appears to concern also time: to be "outside" the space-time would give the same impression of "being" everywhere at once compared to the latter. The expressions are various, but translate the same strange feelings of perceiving time from outside or flying above it: I had access to both past, present, future and any place in space.

I had no access to the future, I don't think so, but to the past yes, exactly so, as well as to present since I was seeing myself. It seems to me that I could move around. I felt I could fly over time. It seems to me that the time is no longer valid. That is, I don't take place within time. There is no longer any past neither future, everything is within the same plane. But thirty years later, I am still unable to define accurately, using common words, this perceived lack of time There, the time does not seem to unfold as here. I would say it's "above", a place from where you can "govern" the events and the destinies of the earthly world.

Neither was there any space. I wonder about the word "time". I had the impression of "flying over" a certain portion of time, to fly so quickly but the time seemed at once long and short.

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That's funny. I felt able to move in time. When I saw my life, it was like an accelerating videotape, somewhat as if I could fly over it, it goes fast enough to review one's life and yet it lasts forever, I can't explain. Spatio-temporal Perspective What could be the predictable consequences of a hypothetical perception from outside our spatio-temporal continuum? Within the framework of this 5D model, everything happens as though NDErs were able to take enough distance to see in perspective not only the immediate vicinity of their body, but also their whole life.

Then we could now expect some precise temporal perspective effects.

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In our everyday experience, the concepts of time and space are fundamentally different. It is surprising to find several accounts of a uniqueness that has nothing natural nor intuitive for us. Even if he finds it difficult to explain what we will readily admit , J-Y.

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C briefly summarizes relativity with some expressions that would have pleased Einstein. Indeed, at the time I receive this new form of intelligence, I find before me I look at this 3D thing that is my life and which does not unfold. The time is integrated in it, it is no more linear. But in a time that does not unfold, life being seen from every angle with this universal or global understanding. My life was a form under my eyes, which contained everything and that I consulted. The ability to understand and develop ALL, in its wholeness and in its detail.

Should I have watched a car, I had known in one thought its mileage, fuel quantity, the wear of spark plugs, how many times it had turned left or right, the condition of all its parts, etc.. It is very difficult to share the encompassing of the three dimensions with the fourth, which merge in a concept that can be easily read when one gets this form of over-intelligence. Your own life is in 3D and the fourth dimension is fully integrated. At that time, if I had watched a man, I could have known everything about him.

His age, height, blood type, his siblings, the amount of all his taxes, his diseases, etc.. ALL in a single concept. Jourdan: " Did you feel yourself moving? Jourdan: " How did it happen? The only "thing" that I was able to contemplate was my own life. An oblong shape, threedimensional pink-orange hue always "metallic" as having its own light.

I could see inside, seeing-through my entire life course, including time without unfolding time. To see another part of this life I just had to change my angle of view. In tune with this inexplicable timelessness the slices of my life were seen instantly, without any sense of duration. That's quite difficult to explain with "earthly words.

The events unfolded in accordance with the original script, but their succession went backward over the course of my life. Sometimes, and here it's even more difficult to explain, I felt like my whole life was spread before my eyes, undifferentiated in its stages, and still without the sequence of events being linked to time.