The Next Evolution of Marketing: Connect with Your Customers by Marketing with Meaning

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As the years have gone on, the tactics and strategies have changed dramatically, but the end game is still the same: increasing sales and conversions. But how has marketing actually changed over the years and why? Technology is obviously a huge culprit of changing the tools that we use to market, but the rules of marketing have changed, as well.

Here are seven ways marketing tactics have changed over the years. Marketing developed as a way to form, nurture, and analyze relationships between consumers and sellers. The first marketing tactics and strategies were ways to turn the relationship between buyers and sellers into a mutually beneficial one. The retail bottom line mattered more than that of consumer happiness. This is where outbound marketing came into the industry, meaning retailers were talking at their consumers instead of with them, which all began with print marketing in newspapers, billboards, and posters.

As time went on, consumers began to wane on these retail-marketing methods due to the depression and massive credit debts that they were beginning to take on. And so the relationship shifted to consumer happiness after the s. Competition within industries also began to increase, causing marketing efforts to revamp and get more creative.

This was the beginning of the marketing concept that stressed the understanding of consumer needs and wants rather than trying to give the customer what the retail industry decides they should want. New mediums began to emerge as technology began to advance, and in , radio advertising took hold due to the massive growth of radio ownership. By more than half of all American homes had radios.

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Television advertising began , and gradually the marketing industry began to look for newer and more inventive ways to reach their target demographics. As more channels that made it possible to reach more customers began to develop, marketing initiatives began to steadily increase. By television ads surpassed print and radio ads. This was the time period in which marketing began to make money for the television industry. In fact, TV revenues grew 10 percent in just one year. This time by phone with the advent of telemarketing. The concept behind telemarketing was direct contact with the consumer.

Hypothetically, this could have been a mutually beneficial relationship with the salesman speaking directly with the consumer to better understand their needs and wants. This will allow voice assistants to easily grab questions and recognize content as solutions. Aja also encourages businesses to look for featured snippet opportunities, which are the information previews Google provides when users search for definitions or questions.

Voice assistants typically pull responses directly from these boxes. It goes without saying that mobile usage is skyrocketing, especially for search queries and research. Due to this, businesses should ensure their website is discoverable and readable via mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. Website speed is also becoming important as Google prioritizes better performing websites in their search engine results pages SERPs.

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Become familiar with how to design and optimize your website for mobile use. Similar to marketing, technology is also ever-changing — and it's happening equally as fast if not faster. There are a number of ways to use technology to your advantage when it comes to your marketing, especially since so many new opportunities are emerging every day. In general terms, artificial intelligence refers to a subset of computer science that teaches machines to do things that would require intelligence if done by a human.

The Evolution of Marketing

Think of tasks like learning, seeing, talking, socializing, reasoning, or problem-solving. AI has completely infiltrated our daily lives and tasks. As we utilize AI more and more especially as consumers , marketers and businesses will need to respond. In fact, authenticity in marketing is more important than ever to consumers. AI is also incredibly helpful when collecting and analyzing data and making data-driven decisions.

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  • So, research ways you can incorporate AI into your business's marketing strategies to better serve your consumers and to make your life simpler. Virtual reality is viewing a computer-generated, lifelike scenario. Augmented reality is viewing the real world augmented with visual, haptic, olfactory or visual additions. VR and AR offer different experiences, but both are making waves in the marketing world today.

    VR and AR are used to supplement and improve customer experiences online and at events. Generally speaking, this is a trend marketers have been slower to adopt due to pricey equipment and bulky headsets. But, as VR glasses and AR apps become more accessible, businesses can expect to add this technology to their marketing strategy.

    Did you know that more than half of consumers expect a response within 10 minutes to any marketing, sales, or customer service inquiry? How can this be humanly possible? Enter: Chatbots. Bots are powered by a computer program which automates certain tasks, typically by chatting with a user through a conversational interface. Bots are made possible by artificial intelligence which helps it understand complex requests, personalize responses, and improve interactions over time. Bots provide quick, easy solutions to problems of all levels of complexity.

    No longer is the need for live chat or a literal one-to-one digital conversation. Bots provide the perception and dedication of a service experience while working with hundreds of customers — something that no customer service representative or team would ever be able to do. If used correctly, they manage conversations at scale and aggregate data from multiple sources of data, from calendars to knowledge bases to blog posts and videos. Your buyers want to use live chat? You should give it to them.

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    You should already know, and have a plan to fix it. In the marketing world, data is highly valuable … and not just valuable to you , as a marketer or business owner. Whether a software company, bank, government agency, or lemonade stand, every business operates using data. And hackers know it. When data breaches happen, precious information is siphoned into the wrong hands, leading to untrustworthy businesses and exploited consumers.

    Probably not — so, do your research. Slowly apply these changes to your marketing efforts and ensure all of your activities are compliant and legal. Originally published Aug 8, AM, updated August 14 Contact Us. Investors Investor Relations. Better yet,he details how marketingworks best when it addsvalue to people's lives, andhe provides a playbookfor success.

    The old interruptive model of marketingdoesn't work. Customers are tuning out. They no longer listen to in-your-face messages. Instead, they demand meaning inthe brands they buy and the marketing thatreaches them. Marketing strategist Bob Gilbreath's hotnew concept, Marketing with Meaning,represents the next evolutionary step in aprogression following direct marketing andpermission marketing.