Etymological Dictionary of Proto-Germanic

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Etymological dictionary of Proto-Germanic

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Appendix I - Indo-European Roots

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  4. Download to a portable device. The word blessing comes from the Proto-Germanic blodison, meaning "to hallow or mark with blood. The blessing bee: the writer Rachel Maizes reflects on counting her blessings. Germanic loans have been borrowed from Proto-Germanic , the common ancestor of Germanic languages into Proto-Finnic.

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    The origins of stems of standard Estonian--a statistical overview. The more innocent by-products of this kind of racial thinking include the reconstruction of proto-Germanic and Indo-European languages and the rediscovery in the West of the great Sanskrit scriptures. Introduction: race and the fantastic.

    Elsewhere I have argued that there was a series of preglottalized stops in Proto-Germanic and that all obstruents were voiceless here in recent prehistoric times e. From there we can proceed to Proto-Germanic , Gothic, and Old English sources; the latter include tacen, or "mark, sign" as in modern "token". On the roots of teaching and learning. The Proto-Germanic i-stem masculine paradigm can be reconstructed as follows after Bammesberger ; Krahe ; Ringe : Disintegration of the nominal inflection in Anglian: the case of i-stems.