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Gary Davies and Janice Long present the programme, first broadcast on 12 December Poet Simon Armitage follows in the footsteps of one of his personal heroes, Odysseus. Documentary looking at the life and career of photographer Chalkie Davies. Top of the Pops Big Hits is back with a bang for the year of Neil Oliver joins a team investigating the final resting place of Alfred the Great. A group of primary schoolchildren learn to read over the course of a year.

Award-winning comedian Rich Hall explores the American dream. Petula Clark presents the story of the lyric-driven French chanson. The latest news, exploring the day's events from a global perspective. Although your teachers probably pose questions like these already, this challenge invites you to answer them a little more formally. You can use the activities below whether or not your students are participating in the challenge. On their own, they can be an interesting way to end a unit or a semester. But you can also do them, individually or in sequence, to help students generate ideas for the challenge.

Submissions are due by p. Eastern on Jan. Here are all the rules, along with the submission form , and here is the rubric. In the first, students match quotations from famous literary works to the world today. In the second, they look at how the same trends, patterns and concepts they study in global history manifest in the news around them. Students can work alone, in pairs or in small groups to fill in each blank with at least one real-life event or person to which each of the quotations or standards might apply.

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Coming up with three in a row horizontally or vertically earns them a bingo — though make sure to have students explain the connections they made before naming a winner. For extra credit, students might try to find something in a recent issue of The New York Times that relates to the quote or standard in each box.

You can also make your own bingo game with quotations or concepts from the specific texts or textbooks you are teaching — or, better yet, invite your students to create their own. For example, a biology class could make bingo squares with the concepts studied that semester, then make connections between each concept and an article in Science Times about news or research related to it.

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What we suggest students do in this section is almost exactly what we do on our site every day. There are two ways to go about it. You can also try both. Recent lessons on analyzing sentences , endangered species and the Russian Revolution all came about because of Times features , photo essays and series that were too good not to teach.

DNA could store all of the world's data in one room

Other times, we go looking. For recent lessons on gerrymandering and Tier Two vocabulary we started with the subjects — we knew teachers would be teaching them — before looking for supporting Times materials. Every month or so, we also publish what we call a Text to Text lesson. The other excerpt generally comes from a frequently taught literary, historical, cultural, scientific or mathematical text.

The two exercises below can help students get started. You can do either, or both. Start with the world and connect it to your curriculum. Any teacher can do this any day with The New York Times, simply by inviting students to flip or click through recent issues looking for articles or images that remind them of something they have studied in school this semester.

The connections they make may be literal — a recent production of a Shakespeare play they have studied , for instance. Or they may be more conceptual, like the link between an image like this and this , both of which we have used in our Picture Prompt series and an event in history. Luxury and comfort are built in every aspect of the facilities.

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