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I can only imagine that applying this same formula to the current administration was a much more difficult undertaking; instead of seasoned bureaucrats who — although biased — could be relied upon to recount events with accuracy, the Trump administration offers an entirely different sort of government official.

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Given this extreme situation, Woodward has done as good a job as any journalist could be expected to do at chronicling and contextualizing the anger, irrationality, and dishonesty that he found to be the driving forces in the current White House. As in all his previous books, some sources are treated more favorably than they deserve this book offers the most positive treatment that Kellyanne Conway will ever receive.

This kind of DC parlor game is necessary in this instance, as Fear is certain to be one of the lasting accounts of this most unusual time. It grapples with a big, important idea from a variety of angles with a charming and accessible style. Laymon has a voice that is singular and devastating in its honesty.

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I'm not in the business of claiming a book changed my life, but reading this book shifted something foundational. A truly outstanding memoir. This spare, poetic memoir has stuck with me more than any other book I read this year. Mailhot unflinchingly bares her history of loss, betrayal, and survival in beautifully written essays that compel you to keep reading, and to read again. I first read this book in early and was simply overwhelmed.

I slept with the lights on and refused to answer the door for weeks! The world vibrates with weirdness, some people are just more attuned to it than others. This book is an astonishingly profound exploration of the pathos, humor, beauty, and irreconcilable strangeness that exists underneath the numbing mundanity of everyday life. Whether he is speculating about the inner lives of the Royal Family, searching for tigers in the Himalayas, or driving down Route 66 to Area 51, Phillips is always digging further, unwilling to stay at the surface of a story.

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Framing his research within the context of his own experiences and emotions, he merges the external and internal, unceasing in his pursuit of the maddeningly elusive "whole truth. Impossible Owls is a tiny behemoth of a book, a sprawling universe in paperback. I am in love with Tim Kreider. Which — given the romantic anecdotes scattered abundantly throughout these beautifully composed and hilarious essays about everything from monogamy to the War on Terror to basically dating your cat — suggests I have questionable taste in men I implore you to pick this one up.

This firsthand account, from a very well-educated Border Patrol agent, is a compassionate view of the humans on both sides of the wall and their motivations. Even if you've heard all you need to know about immigration and U. Hampton Sides brings the "forgotten war" to the forefront of the reader's mind with On Desperate Ground.

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  • In the same narrative fashion as Ghost Soldiers , Sides takes the reader through the lives of a small group of Marines who are heavily outnumbered by not only the Koreans, but Mao's Chinese troops as well. This is a fantastic tale of military bravery from a war that should be anything but forgotten. Nate Chinen has written an accessible guide to the state of jazz in the 21st century. In it, he gives readers a framework that we can use to discover new musicians and make connections between genres.

    Playing Changes helped me listen more carefully, freely, and boldly, inspired by the music it describes. Read it with both your mind and ears open.

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    Her poetic talents elevate her prose to skyscraper levels of absurdity and warmth, creating an immensely enjoyable and impactful read. This book is important and necessary. Anyone concerned about the deep divides in American politics must read this book. Saslow is a brilliant reporter and the story of how a young leader of the white nationalist movement was engaged, befriended, challenged, and ultimately changed by college friends who deeply disagreed with his politics is an example of the rays of hope that we need right now.

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    It's also a terrifying portrait of the white nationalist movement and the shift of rage-fueled racism into the mainstream. I was deeply disturbed, sickened, and scared. I was also moved by the compassion and relentless engagement across political divides. Oluo is an excellent guide through the explosive terrain of 21st-century race relations, providing clear explanations of the many ways American society is structured to empower white people, particularly men.

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    Arguing that a person can be complicit in a racist society without being an explicitly bad or racist person, Oluo takes some of the sting out of a conversation that rightly places the onus on white citizens to take the lead in confronting racial discrimination and violence. I read this ambitious history of the Third Reich in small doses over a period of nine months.

    So often I closed the book with my jaw completely dropped. Exceptionally readable and thoroughly researched, historian Thomas Childers's newest work has been hailed as possibly the best one-volume overview of Nazi Germany available, with frequent comparisons to William Shirer's The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. In this essay collection based on her essay of the same name, Michele Filgate compiles a heartbreaking, funny, moving examination of what it means to be mothered.

    Writers like Melissa Febos, Alexander Chee, Lynn Steger Strong, Brandon Taylor and Leslie Jamison share stories that range from the humorous to the devastating, all circling the question of how we talk to and understand the women who raised us. The result is a fascinating look at the work required of both mother and child to see one another as human beings—and to connect in the face of the flaws that come with it.

    Written by Random House copy chief Benjamin Dreyer, the book insists that we give ourselves grace as we strive for clear communication.

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    • And in a historical moment when written English feels more battered by the minute, being reminded that there is structure—and meaningful creativity—to fall back on is a relief. High Heel by Summer Brennan. Brennan seamlessly weaves together meditations on mythic women, pop culture and the quotidian nature of high heels to call into question what they represent. From expansion into what would become the Western United States to the myriad abuses carried out against the Philippines to the continued poor treatment of Puerto Rico, Immerwahr makes the case that these spaces have played a much larger, albeit obscured role in the history of our country.

      By shifting the narrative to include those stories, he poses crucial questions about how the United States came to be. The result is a memoirist who is a person in full, not their book title or a DSM definition, and a memoir of remarkable verve to match the mind that wrote it. Mitchell S. Jackson is one of the finest writers currently working in the English language, and the language he uses is uniquely his own.

      Examining race and economic disparity through the lens of his own life, Jackson delivers a book that is heavy but not crushing, terrifying but not frightening.

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      This is a book capable of unlocking depths of pathos, bathos and artistic envy in any reader. Looking for more reading recommendations? Check out our lists of the best novels, best audiobooks , best Young Adult novels and best book covers of so far.